Tracy (repliform) wrote in dominant_ideas,

Rope Bondage

I would like to ask your opinion on ropes. There are all kinds. But it seems like when my Master uses nylon rope to bind me, it seems to slip and I have unfortunately been able to get an arm free. (Don't worry, lol, I paid for that bad behavior.)

If he uses coarse rope, it stays in place better but it does hurt alot more. Of course in the end when the leather restraints are used nothing comes loose and nothing gets hurt that he doesn't want hurt.

We like using different things to keep it exciting. One of the best times was when we were in the living room and I was talking to my Mother on the phone. All of a sudden he rushed me off the phone then to my surprise yanked the phone cord from the wall. In no time I found myself tied up with the phone cord. My back was on the floor, my legs were up on the chair and tied around each arm of it, my wrists were bound tightly to eachother, my dress was pushed up to my hips and.....

Well the point is, it was exciting and scary. And spur of the moment.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for restraining someone. Yanno like bungee cords, etc.
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