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Ok I think I've asked this before, somewhere else but...

How would you as a Dominant go about punishing a pain slut?
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well certainly not with pain. Find out through siimply conversation what their buttons are, folks that can handle pain may not be able to handle humiliation.

With those subs that enjoyed pain, I deprived them of it and made them do what they hated: Housework or being a service sub for a week's time.

oh boy, do I sympathize. I've a painslut with little to no limits and a thirst to try new stuff ... and it's been quite difficult to find working punishments for him - especially those that will fit the crime, that you don't have to micromanage (so that offenses will not pile up as a means of getting attention ... if it's needful to have visual proof, have them webcam it [they never know when you're watching] or video tape it [fast forward, anyone?]), and that serve some good overall - whether as a learning experience, something that will better their health or lifestyle no matter how temporarily, something you need done anyhow, or something that someone else needs achieved ...

some of what's been come up with so far ...

writing lines. he has carpal, so this is also painful in a bad way in addition to being tedious as all fuck. punctuation or spelling off? doesn't count - start again. I find this works as a type of lecture as well, especially if you have them recite the lines as they write them, then go back and recite the lines after they've finished the assignment. tends to drill it in.

writing a paper/report/essay on a given topic (usually typewritten, as these are quite long). ditto on the punctuation, spelling, recitation. send it back with red ink all over n' make them do it again until it's done right and made as detailed as you wish. want more work? make it handwritten instead of computer written ... no copy and paste, and no scratch outs/liquid paper allowed ... re-write!

hot water restriction - no hot water ... none. not to cook, not to clean, not to bathe ...

speech restrictions - may only speak in a certain manner, whether in third person or another variation

public humiliation ... go to a play party, stick them out there as a living statue with a billboard held or around their neck describing their offense, possibly inviting scolding, etc from the readers

time out/being ignored for a time after being told why, etc

food - enforced diet of whatever turns his stomach but's still healthy ... mustard greens breakfast/lunch/dinner for two days straight anyone?

being sent to kneel in the corner (ties into ignore on your end) and stare into a mirror ... confront the offense, think about it in detail, etc., etc. ... usually, looking into their own eyes is a big issue after disappointment, much less mine. add raw rice to the floor for more pain ... add flour to the floor for forced rigidity without you having to watch them like a hawk - flour shows every movement made. goes without saying they clean this up afterwards.

no orgasms. de nada. other versions: no orgasms and avoid all turn ons, enforced masturabation until raw and painful daily, etc.

I've heard of rice taped over the nipples worn to work (and otherwhere), but I've yet to try that.

aromatherapy ... tie 'em down and pour spoilt milk on their chest ... you pick the duration of them having to endure.

computer restriction .. no computer.

tv restriction.

grounded, aside from work. hell, for that matter, if they live on the bus line or are close enough to school/work, restrict car use.

pre-set bedtime for an insomniac .... bores 'em to tears.

contact restriction (ties into ignore) ... they can't contact you, but have to wait upon your pleasure.

reading restriction ... hell for a book addict. ditto for movies/theatre, etc.

loan them out for service to others, be it scene or 'community service' helping at a daycare, nursing home, etc.

tired, so these are just off the top of my head ... hope these help, PLEASE let me know if you think of (or hear of) anything else that may work, Ill be collectin'!

Wow, I really like most of these!
tank you, tank you, I'll be here for a week. (don't mind me, I'm severely sleep deprived)

comments, suggestions, additional tortures and punishments?

my eager ears await ...

*evil grins*



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Wow...I'm really impressed that list is off the top of your head. I'm more impressed with your sub for enduring such punishments. My sir is also looking for ways to punish me without 'pain' and now I'm torn should I show him your list or hide it. ::Laughing::
Thank you. I want to become a Dom online, and some of these ideas work over distances as well. I'm working on my own list as well. =-)
Well, I assume we're talking about real punishment, not a scene type punishment.

Deal with their sensibilities. frost57565 once had someone stand naked in front of a mirror with a fan blowing on them.
I once made a sub who'd lied to me tell me how much she weighed.

Look for simplicity. One submissive I know loves belts but hates paddles. Guess what I'd use if I had to punish her.

I talked once with a sub who'd almost gotten herself hurt because she didn't use her safe word when she should have. To drive the point home, her owner sent her to another dominant who showed her his implements and told her that if he saw her again, she'd be spending a weekend learning the error of her ways. She'd have eagerly put up with it all for her owner but the idea of someone else doing it really bothered her.

I know one submissive woman who hates the idea of being sexually touched by a woman or being spanked/paddled/flogged by one. I could easily punish her with my own belt, but by having a woman be the one swinging it.

Ice on someone who's bound can be effective.

I think the idea is to have something that requires some thought on why they are there, that does't cause any real damage, and that is clearly different from a normal scene with you.
Good points. Ice wouldn't work. lol it has the exact opposite effect on him. Thanks :)
might depend on how much ice ...
My punishment along these lines is usually some sort of hard, monotonous labor. We live in an area with rocky soil and clearing garden beds of rocks is something typical. Punishment means all weekend, 12 hours a day clearing rocks. The resultant rock pile needs to high enough, or punishment extends to the next weekend.
Is it hot over there as it is here?

If so, tell him to dress in the most uncomfortable clothes he has. I'm thinking too short, not too long. Tell him to get out with nothing but a cellular phone on him. Tell him he should be across town in half an hour, and that every for every minute he's late he'll have ten more to this punishment. Make him run across town to do stupid and embarrasing chores, sweaty and dressed up like a tart. Then meet him, give him just a dime under what he should take for a bus, and tell him to take a bus home. Make him walk the streets and look for change. Make sure he hands out a bus ticket when he gets home, or back to the streets for him.
*claps furiously and adds this to list-o-goodies*

*evil grins*

you can make him stay in bed for however long you feel the punishment should stay on.. with no blankets or pillows or something and the very rare occasional bathroom/food/water break, it gets very monotonous and the lack of any other sensations can drive them to distraction..
any sort of punishment in which they aren't getting any physical contact/ stimulus I would imagine would really get to someone who likes pain.

Or tickling. that would be torture to me without being painful..

things that require but do not force him to exhibit great self-control (similar to the no sexual contact thing) such as sitting in one spot for a full day, or sit-and-stay watching or listening to the most annoying thing possible for a time. ("It's a small world after all" for 6 hours would kill me! )

Just a few things that came to mind..

Did you end up finding some you liked after all this time? or are you still looking? If you want I'll try to come up with more. :o
Grin...I'm always open to suggestions :)
Wow... I can't help but wonder what some of your poor subs did to deserve these punishments!!! My Kitten hasn't done anything that deserved anything more than a less-than-desired spanking... lol