Atrion Darnay (atrion) wrote in dominant_ideas,
Atrion Darnay

... Question for everyone, do any of you keep a record of the pounishments and things like that that you do to your sub.
... Myself I am starting to use

. The pupils name:
. Date of the punishment:
. The offence:

. The condition(s) of the punishment (In public, private etc):

. The dress
. The implement(s) of punishment

. The number of strokes

. Pupils signature

... I figure that it will help.

... Also I was wondering if there were any acts/thing that you make your subs do for fun, of just because you want them to.
... Basically I was just wondering what types of things other doms like to have there subs do
(... PS. Subs can answer as well)
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