Tracy (repliform) wrote in dominant_ideas,


Figging... ever heard of it? I hadn't until I recieved this email from a friend...
"Figging, anal play (or torture) using ginger root. It is fairly well agreed upon that it dates back to the Victorian era. Mentions of figging can be found in some Victorian literature. Back in those days, the Victorians were a fairly bawdy, perverted, kinky bunch behind closed doors (ya gotta love them).

Caning, a very popular form of punishment, especially for the female miscreant, was elevated to an art form itself. There is evidence that figging actually had its beginnings when ginger was used in a caning victim's anus to prevent her from clenching her buttocks during punishment.
While I'll expand on this later, clenching one's butt while it hosts ginger causes an intense burning sensation. Now why the Victorians didn't want to see the victim clench her rear is beyond me. I mean, that is one of the best parts.

! Somehow, the practice was picked up as a technique unto itself in the lifestyle. I have practiced figging for many years and have turned many subs onto it. While it is a fairly easy technique to Master, some care is necessary and proper preparation is required."

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