leonardo (leonardosue) wrote in dominant_ideas,

a very angry master

My slave of X years has recently insulted me. Recently she has been violating her rules and I have ran out of ways to punish her.

If anyone has a painful suggestion I would be more than grateful to hear it.
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I would tie her spread eagled on a bench, blind folded and gaged. Place nice strong nipple clamps on her nipples and clit with pegs on her cunt lips. Then insert a nice thick hand of ginger into her ass and cunt. Squeeze some ginger juice out and pour over her clit. Leave her for 30 minutes before removing all the things and givinge her a good spanking, canning and a tit and clit canning.


March 10 2010, 01:16:55 UTC 8 years ago

great idea, punish her with a good time...lol
I was speaking about the same topic with a very sadistic mistress and she said she uses needles and would pierce her outer lips place permanent little rings in and then sew her up for a month as well as pierce her nipples and clit hood and put permanent rings in and then applying some electro torture to her. She would of course be bound and unable to move.