Chris (capnow) wrote in dominant_ideas,

Verbal Foreplay

Ok, so I am in need of a few ideas. My sub has been unintentionally trained to be turned on almost exclusively by humiliation. So I've played around with this for the past 2 months since I've noticed her responsiveness to talking dirty to her. The problem is I was not expecting this to happen and I don't have many phrases or ideas to run on. Right now I seem to be repeating lines containing "dirty whore", "fucking slut", "all you think about is my cock" and "you're just a cunt to me". As you can see these are powerful, but not alot to work with. She's thought on it and decided it was the ownership and my control that is what turns her on the most. Any ideas about new phrases, or even new directions to go with my dirty talk? I’m not a fan of repeating variations of a handful of phrases.
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