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cross posted. sorry.

Right now I'm in an online/phone relationship with a submissive boy who is a big time pain slut. I need ideas. Things that I can make him do while I talk to him on the phone. I've got some good ones, but I don't want to keep doing the same thing over and over again. HELP please :) any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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ohhh goodie:


Rubberband one on his wirst the other on his cock *snap* when ever you issue a word command. Make sure he does it loud enough for you to hear.

a flosser applied to the bottom part of the head of his cock.

Clamps,clothes pins left for a while work wonders. Add fishing weights to them.

Menthol oil (diluted with almond oil) hmmmm lots more ideas just busy at work. I'll post more later.

Ooo thanks :) do the clamps already, he is in the process of buying weights, :)
that flosser idea makes me laugh and oh the faces they make when they're made to use rubberbands....
Make him tie a loop of rope around his cock and balls. Get him to attach fishing weights to them with a piece of string say 15-20cm long. Make him stand up while holding the weight in his hand, then make him drop the weight (make sure that the weights he is usng are heavy enough for the desired effect)
How about making him rub stinging nettles on his nipples and cock? Also, I've heard of figging but I don't know...

hmm that could be interesting :P figging..he's probably like that too much :P


September 22 2004, 21:20:41 UTC 12 years ago

I had a Dom make me put jalapeno juice on my clit and in my ass. not sure how it would work on a guy.. also, those big black report clips are very intense. but can't be left too long because they have little grooves in them..
Having him kneeling on a lino floor and dry grains of rice whilst on the phone to you is simple yet effective.
no frozen peas? ;)