Atrion Darnay (atrion) wrote in dominant_ideas,
Atrion Darnay

... I know this post is kinda off topic, but it kinda isn't, you be the judge.........

... Well I made a post in this community earlier tonight asking if the movie i had found was the movie everyone was talking about, Secretary.

... Well I watched the movie and thought it very well, and I agree with what Lee says near the end 'why not'. Why can't people livelike that all the time 24/7, because most people think it strange weird, even some think it Evil, but I wish I could live like that 24/7 as to most likely many others.
... But back to the reason for this post I have a question of two about the movie:
... ... Umm whats with the Red markers, I didn't quite understand?
... ... The worm??
... ... Him leaving her for 3 days, that was a test right, or was it?

... I know this must make me sound dumb for not knowing the answers, but oh well......
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