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A friend of mine who goes by "Whyp Dancer" makes exquisite canes. She has been making them for awhile and is a really talented artist who uses gems, crystals, silver, etc. to make beautiful one of a kind creations. Come take a peek at her site. Thanks

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They are gorgeous aren't they. I wish I could collect all of them.


June 16 2004, 14:39:57 UTC 13 years ago

Thank you so much for your compliments on my work, everyone :)
If you enter my site at you will be able to enjoy the entire site, with links, etc to all of my work. I don't think entering on the page given will give you the entire site :)
I wonder if you'll get this. I knew you from the subbie room on AOL.
Wow, those ARE really nice. Thanks for sharing. :)
You're welcome. I totally agree, they are fabulous.